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Portillo’s Reveals 9% Of Their Fans Order Hot Dogs Incorrectly

How you order a hot dog is up to you, but in honor of National Hot Dog Week we must remind you that 9% of Portillo's fans are wrong. Check out how Portillo's customers order hot dogs.

The great debate over what toppings to put on a hot dog continues during National Hot Dog Week (July 19 through July 25 in 2021) as Portillo’s revealed today on Facebook what their fans put on hot dogs.

According to the post, 9% off their customers order hot dogs wrong or possibly 9% of the customers that order hot dogs at Portillo’s are kids. Let’s take a look at this chart:

  • 53% order it Chicago-style
  • 34% order it in a variety of 127 condiment combinations
  • 9% order it with ketchup
  • 4% order it plain

For the record, Chicago-style is always the way to go! I might throw in the mix a chili dog now and again, but the 7 magnificent toppings that make up a Chicago dog will always be the best (in my correct opinion).

Besides, when you go ask for a dog at Portillo’s they don’t even ask what you want on it. It comes Chicago-style. You have to embarrass yourself asking for it with just ketchup. It’s only acceptable to order a hot dog with ketchup if you are a kid (below age 10ish).

How do you order your hot dogs? Wrong answers only! Comment below.

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