Lake Geneva Fall Foliage Photo Gallery

I share 30 of my favorite photos of Fall foliage & vibrant colors during my October 2020 visit to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. View my Lake Geneva Fall foliage photo gallery!

It was just about a year ago, my sister and I were planning a quick day trip somewhere to view the Fall colors. Being from the west coast, we never really experienced a truly Fall day with the leaves changing and small town U.S.A. vibes. Now that we were living in the Midwest, it made sense we should take a trip to experience the colorful and vibrant scenes nature has to offer throughout the Midwest.

It was about mid-October 2020 when we planned this trip, so we did a quick Google search to find the website, Travel Wisconsin, which monitored Fall colors throughout the season. They have a detailed map of when the leaves would be changing in various regions throughout the state. We settled upon a fairly small resort city in southeastern Wisconsin, Lake Geneva.

With the Pandemic in full swing there was not a whole lot going on at the time, so we decided it would be a great opportunity to walk around the lake and view the Fall foliage that Lake Geneva had to offer.

The vibrant oranges, yellows, reds, purples and greens of the changing leaves made it a great spot to enjoy nature and the scenery of this little town. We explored the pier, walked along the lakeshore, and took the little pathways seemingly in the backyards of the lakeside homes. It was amazing to experience the wonders of Fall at Lake Geneva, so I figured I’d share the natural beauty with all of my readers.

I took a ton of pictures during this trip and would like to share them with you all. This photographic gallery of thirty images I feel captures what Lake Geneva has to offer visitors during the Fall season.

Note: I did reduce the image resolution to help load the photos quicker on my site.

I was pleasantly surprised at how well many of these pictures turned out. The weather was your typical gloomy Fall day, but the leaf colors were still so vibrant in these pictures. I would highly recommend everyone stop by Lake Geneva mid-October through Halloween for some wonderful Autumn scenes.

Anyone that knows the Midwest, be sure to share the best spots to experience Fall colors. For those that have been to Lake Geneva, what activities would you recommend for the tourist types? Share any additional comments or thoughts below. Thanks for stopping by and viewing my Lake Geneva Fall photo gallery!

The images were captured using a Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR Camera and Canon EFS 55-250mm lens. Both are about ten years old now and it looks like they no longer make the camera, but I will link to a few retailers below that may sell a similar camera to this model.

Lake Geneva & Travel Wisconsin are not affiliated with this website nor was this post sponsored in any way. Camera links (above) are affiliated and I may receive a small commission if you click a link & purchase something from these retailers.

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