Mattress Mack Backs University of Houston With Big March Madness Bet

Mattress Mack Is At It Again With Houston Winning March Madness

Mattress Mack Backs University of Houston With Big March Madness Bet. See how much he bet!

Mattress Mack has once again placed a huge wager on Houston winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. His bet is $3.5 million that the University of Houston Cougars will win the national championship. WGN has the story here.

You might remember back in 2022, his Houston Astros won the MLB World Series. That particular bet netted him a comfy $75 million payout. His current Houston bet could win him about $35 if the Cougars win it all.

Mattress Mack is well known for making large bets. He is also well known for selling mattresses. His mattress company racks in big with his promotions throughout the year, where mattress buyers can receive a free mattress if the local team wins (Houston teams). Mattress Mack uses the proceeds from those sales to essentially hedge the bet by betting on the promotional team to win.

According to most net worth websites, Mattress Mack is reportedly worth $300+ million. His University of Houston bet is just a small drop in the bucket, but can become quite substantial.

For those who aren’t following the NCAA tournament, Houston beat Northern Kentucky 63-52 on Thursday. So Mattress Macks bet is still alive! The University of Houston play Auburn today at 7:10PM ET.

Will Mattress Mack win this bet? Comment below!

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